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How Garden City Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD Can Save Your Sight Before Problems Start

People who are worried about their vision fading with age or illness have a new hope: Garden City Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD


Dr. Mark R. Fleckner is an expert at helping people find early warning signs of eye problems that could eventually cause loss of vision. According to Dr. Mark R. Fleckner of Garden City, early detection and treatment of eye problems is key. If eye problems go on for too long, irreversible damage can be caused.

Dr. Mark Fleckner Believes Early Detection Is Key

When it comes to seeing the eye doctor, regularly scheduled appointments are key. Dr. Mark R. Fleckner of Garden City recommends getting eyes checked by an ophthalmologist at least once a year – or more frequently if you have eye issues that cause concern.

If you see floaters, experience bouts of lost vision, have pain in your eyes, have blurry vision that lasts for more than a few seconds upon waking, or if you have double vision, Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD recommends seeing an eye care professional right away. Left untreated, these issues can cause permanent eye damage, including blindness.

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Glaucoma is a scary thought for many, but Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD knows that early detection is key.

The sooner glaucoma is detected, the sooner treatments can begin that can protect eye health over time. Early detection of glaucoma is especially important for diabetics, as they are more likely to have long-term health problems due to the disease.


Garden City Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD says that cataracts are easily treatable. The sooner a cataract is found, the sooner it can be removed, preserving vision for years to come.
Dr. Mark Fleckner recommends seeing an eye care professional if you experience any of the common signs of cataracts, including cloudy vision, trouble seeing at night, a yellowing of colors in your vision, or seeing a halo around bright lights. Dr. Mark Fleckner says that an eye care professional can help you understand whether it’s time to surgically remove your cataracts.

Early Detection Matters

Dr. Mark R. Fleckner MD understands that many people are afraid to reach out to an eye care professional when their vision begins to fail. Being afraid of what you might hear is normal, but early detection is vital when it comes to treating conditions that could threaten vision.

A fear of the unknown is normal, but being afraid to see the eye doctor can lead to blindness. Dr. Mark R. Fleckner of Garden City recommends talking to your eye doctor if you’re nervous about your symptoms so that they can be properly diagnosed and addressed.

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